Former Major General Michael Harrison: Orient Shield

Former Major General Michael Harrison spent thirty-four years in the United States Army before retiring from active duty in October 2014.

“I learned the value of both responsibility and accountability,” he says, as he reflects on his long military experience.

In 2011, Former Major General Michael Harrison was the Commanding General of US Army Japan and First Corps (Forward), and in that capacity visited the annual Orient Shield, an annual, bi-lateral Brigade and Regimental tactical field training exercise with the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force. “I wanted to observe the Orient Shield exercise that’s being conducted by a unit out of the Texas Army National Guard, 3rd Battalion, 141st Infantry,” he said shortly after arriving. “Neither of these units – the Texas Guard or the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force – had met, and they have forged a friendship, and a great deal of respect for each others’ capabilities.”

Former Major General Michael Harrison received a tour of the Camp Kita-Fuji grounds, and a briefing about the training that was taking place. He also met with the Chief of Staff of the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force to discuss the bi-lateral operations and discussed ideas for future cooperation help sustain the continued positive and professional relationship between the United States and Japan.

Since retiring from active duty, Former Major General Michael Harrison has been exploring opportunities in the private sector, and says that he would love to be an Executive Coach for an International firm. Further down the road, he says that he would like to become the President of a College or University. “My goal is to help make organizations better,” he says, “more effective and efficient.”


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