Former Major General Michael Harrison: Mentoring Young People

Former Major General Michael Harrison spent more than three decades in the United States Army, and says that one of the most satisfying things he did there was to lead and mentor the troops under his command. “I was given the opportunity and afforded the privilege of leading America’s sons and daughters as a US Army Officer, both at home and abroad,” he recalls. “There is no higher honor, and I am immensely proud that I had that opportunity.”

He has always understood the importance of mentoring. “I grew up in a small rural town, surrounded by a loving family and strong supportive community,” he recalls. “Neighbors cared about children and took personal responsibility for their welfare.” There is a very popular phrase we hear often….”It takes a Village…” That concept was alive, well, and practiced in my hometown.

Mentors, he says, can have an enormous positive impact on developing lives of young people. In this he is in agreement with Richard Branson, the billionaire founder of the Virgin Group, who says that giving people advice on how they can achieve their goals is something that is too often overlooked. “Mentoring was very important for me, personally,” Branson says.

Former Major General Michael Harrison says that nothing less than the future of the United States rests on how today’s emerging generation of young people are instructed and influenced by the generation that they are following. “The next generation represents the future leadership of our country,” he says. “It is my responsibility, and the responsibility of my generation, to ensure they are well prepared for their eventual leadership role in leading America.”

Former Major General Michael Harrison, who retired from active duty in the Army in October of 2014, says that one of his goals in private life is to become the president of a College or University, where he can inspire young men and women to become the best people that they can be.


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