Former Major General Michael Harrison – Achieving Academic Success

Often, students are encouraged to stay focused and work hard in order to achieve academic success. In addition, learning how to study, undertake assignments and being a team player also help a student undertake the routine requirements of schoolwork. However, preparation and the ability to handle challenges are just as important in enabling a student accomplish their academic goals.

Former Major General Michael Harrison often spoke at high school graduation ceremonies while he served in the United States Army. Because of his strong leadership qualities and love of education, he was often viewed as the perfect speaker to deliver inspirational messages to American youth coming up in the education system. On many of his speeches, he emphasized that being prepared and ready to handle adversity were crucial to academic success.

Having the will to prepare is very vital. While many students wish to be top of their class and feature on the honor roll, not many are prepared to devote the extra effort required to make their dreams come true. As students head into a new class, they are often psyched up and eager to commence. At this point, the fire must be kept alive through a constant desire to prepare adequately.

The ability to handle adversity is also important in a young student’s life. Many times it is the students who demonstrate the ability to hang tough and keep going that gain confidence in their abilities to succeed. They view challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.


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