Major General Michael Harrison on Service

Retired Former Major General Michael Harrison of the United States Army served for thirty four years on behalf of the citizens of this country. Few careers in the military endure for over three decades as his did and he has never taken that for granted. He has always been a leader and a man of service. His path to this career was sown in his upbringing. He grew up in a time of tumult with a flurry of changes within our society that was related to civil rights and the struggles that led up to it. He attended Howard University and emerged a man ready to take on the world and he most certainly did as a member of the military. It was a career that would take on a life of its own as he rose through the ranks on the backs of many great Americans that preceded him. He has always been a man of exemplary principles that he has maintained throughout his entire life. He is fond of hard work, commitment and dedication in every single thing that he does and that kind of value system is part of what makes him an obvious leader. It is why he rose to the rank that he did and it is the reason why he has been a mentor to so many other members of the military as well as civilians. Harrison has always applied himself fully in all situations in his life, which is something he plans on carrying on now that he has rejoined the life of a civilian.


Former Major General Michael Harrison – Getting to Work

Former Major General Michael Harrison retired from the United States Army in October of 2014. He does not consider this period of his life retirement; he prefers to say that he is in a Transition phase as he is prepares for service in another capacity. That being said, he holds a number of qualifications that should allow him to make a measurable contribution to society, preferably in service to others. What he does next is anybody’s guess, but it is sure to be something significant.

As a man who has held the rank of Former Major General Michael Harrison, he clearly has a resume of solid and unique credentials that will serve him well in whatever capacity he chooses to serve. While he has served in many roles, he enjoys mentoring, coaching, and training more than anything else.   Over the years, he had the privilege of leading men and women at home and abroad, to include duty in Afghanistan. This is just part of the picture because there is so much that could be written about a thirty four year career.

He credits all of his successes to the hard work, sacrifice, and support of his Soldiers, family, friends, and superiors. Achievement in the service of your country is not a “chest thumping” matter Harrison has said; the business of serving is a Team sport.